… and on this night it rose from the grave

Of late I have neglected my Blog somewhat, so it seems fitting that on all hallows eve I resurrect the beast. 

Recently, since July,  I have been working for a company in Manchester called Drumbeat. I am really enjoying working in the industry and even more so at Drumbeat. Of the few places I have worked Drumbeat is the one that I have felt more at home, the atmosphere is brilliant and the people are more like a family that just colleagues.

In other news I got my results from University and passed with a 2:1. The certificate I received was pretty poor as far as print standards go, it was not full bleed or litho and to quote my friend Victor "looked like someones mum had made it on Word." Another cut back of the University of Cumbria!

I shall not leave it so long before my next post as hopefully next time I got to Magma I will be coming back with something to show you all!

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a Future Spice Shop Owner said...

my UCUM certificate didnt even have my full name on and Laura browns had the wrong degree.