I Love Type

So the lovely people at Viction:ary contacted me about 4 months ago saying that they would like to feature my work in a series of books they were publishing all about type. The book is about the typeface Avant Garde and the second book of the series.  Here are a couple of photos of my work inside the book, which they kindly sent me a copy of over Christmas.


… and on this night it rose from the grave

Of late I have neglected my Blog somewhat, so it seems fitting that on all hallows eve I resurrect the beast. 

Recently, since July,  I have been working for a company in Manchester called Drumbeat. I am really enjoying working in the industry and even more so at Drumbeat. Of the few places I have worked Drumbeat is the one that I have felt more at home, the atmosphere is brilliant and the people are more like a family that just colleagues.

In other news I got my results from University and passed with a 2:1. The certificate I received was pretty poor as far as print standards go, it was not full bleed or litho and to quote my friend Victor "looked like someones mum had made it on Word." Another cut back of the University of Cumbria!

I shall not leave it so long before my next post as hopefully next time I got to Magma I will be coming back with something to show you all!


More Posters

These are some more posters I have done for concrete. Shall be uploading some menus as soon as I get them mocked up.


When I Grow Up I Wanna Be A???

Just a quick idea for the poster for Concretes themed night.



This is a logo I have designed for my brothers sculpture project, which is a huge machine that makes coffee designed in a very 'steam punks' way. The design and concept of the machine is that it is sticking a finger up to the corporate giants of the coffee industry and a cry for fair trade. It will eventually be etched onto the machine.


I was almost consumed by Black Holes

This is a book about the existence of black holes in the universe and how they prove the theory that all modern science is based upon wrong. I spent a lot of time at the beginning of the year working on this project and getting nowhere and in the last week I have managed to create something I am truly proud of, just shows how much you can improve in a short period of time.


Robots of Science Fiction

This is a logo I designed for an exhibition about classic science fiction robots and analogue special effects. I wanted to make the logo look as though it was made out of loads of scraps and spare parts just like the old sci-fi robots were. I wanted it to look quite fun and get the feel of the exhibition across. There are a few things that need tweaking but it is almost there I feel.


Newton Rigg Biofuel

This logo took me a few minutes but I don't feel it looks too bad. Hopefully soon I shall post some work I have been doing for 999 on work experience, which is going great I might add, the guys there are really sound.