Global Warming At Its Best

Well basically it is snowing and my house looks pretty nice so here are some pictures of it.
I have really enjoyed living at home these last few weeks of holiday its been a really enjoyable break, not having to worry about running out of food, not having to deal with god knows how many piles of washing up, being able to have baths and being warmed by the fire.

Not many of you will know but I was heavily involved with the building of this house, my farther and I spent 2 years getting it ready to live in (obviously within building regulations certain things have to be done by a trained professional, so by no means am I trying to say we did it all, just a very large amount) and getting it to be as environmentally friendly as possible. It was originally a 17th century farm house which occupied most of the land around Charnock Richard (the village I live in) but in 2005 it was in a very bad state and needed the foundations underpinning, so instead of spend loads of money underpinning it and risk it falling foul later in life, we decided to dismantle it completely and build it with stronger materials, but keeping all the old bricks and wooden beams for use in the interior of the house. The house is almost sustainable, and uses very little power from the grid or water from the mains, it uses a rain harvest collection tank (the size of a double decker bus) buried in the garden to collect water to be used for all the non-drinking appliances such as toilets, washing machine, outside taps ect. Given that the old farm house that used to be here had walls 2 foot thick, even internally, the rebuild with mordern materials gave us much more room inside and we have managed to fit on 3 floors, 6 bed rooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 living rooms, study, kitchen, utility and conservatory, yet with the modern eco' materials it hardly uses any power to heat all these.

So anyway its snowing and all that…

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